Success is never static. Developing a profitable, successful and responsible company means constant evolvement. Our mission is clear: to create strong business foundations and then ensure that continued success and profitability by guiding our clients through the ever changing success models.


To continue to raise the bar by focusing on transforming organizations while incorporating the latest in technology, intuitive resources and human-centered approaches that spell continued success for our clients.


We create. We grow. We maintain.

Our ethics guide us. No one holds us to a higher standard than ourselves. If it is socially irresponsible, morally questionable or if it simply does not feel right, we respectfully decline participation. For us, ethics are more than doing right; our ethics demand right. It’s a powerful driving force that our customers expect.
It’s our belief discipline makes our company stronger and that leads to stronger relationships with our clients. From our daily operations to our social responsibility to our policies and procedures, we know that what we do today affects our clients’ future as well as our own. A disciplined model makes all the difference.
We are accountable to our clients. Without that, no purpose is served. We lead, advise and solve problems; it’s what we do best. But this comes with accountability. We are motivated by and measure our own success by your success. It is a commitment that has been part of our foundation since the very beginning.
The quality of our services we deliver to clients every day is absolutely crucial. We don’t deliver results that feel like an afterthought. It demeans our purposes and results in lost confidence for our clients. We rise higher than the competition; we believe that’s a great place to be and our success bears witness to that.
Consistency matters. What you receive on day one in terms of our services and results is what you will continue to receive throughout our working relationship. Our success is not a fluke; but rather, the result of commitment and focus for every client. From our creativity to our fast response time, we’re raising the bar.
Prosperity is important. It’s not about greed or “the bottom line”, but rather, enjoying the hard work and the results of that hard work. When we prosper, our clients prosper. That means communities – local, national and even global – prosper as well. Is it bold? Sure, but shouldn’t prosperity always be bold?

Hearing Aids Donations


We believe in being good stewards in our community. We know that contributing to our shared space helps us today and helps to create a better tomorrow. We are proud advocates of the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation (HOHYPF), which is dedicated to changing lives of tomorrow’s influencers who also have hearing issues. It’s an important initiative led by a group of selfless and dedicated professionals who simply want to do their part to improve the lives of the next generation who will change the world.

In fact, it’s grown to become a community that invites young people to share their stories and provide hope for those who thought there was none. It is both empowering and reveals the resiliency of today’s youth. As new advances are made towards a cure, HOHYPF stands ready to keep the community informed and contribute in every way possible. We see the beauty; we just also happen to believe you can hear beauty, as well.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a sponsor or a donor, we invite you to visit the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation website. We are confident that you too will see the hard work of this 501(c)(3) approved foundation.

You can make the difference, too. Take action, now!


When OBUS Group was founded in January 2010, we put into place a number of qualities that would define our purpose, keep our goals in perspective and allow us to constantly evolve so that we could provide our customers the strongest representation. We know how valuable innovation is to our mission. It’s less about improvement, but rather, we believe it’s about challenging and then reinventing what’s already in place. This allows us to work with organizations that share the same belief that value and integrity matter. It has become an important element in our overall mission. It’s how we improve lives. It’s how we shape the future. It is how we sustain our efforts in a responsible manner.


We also have an obligation to our environment. If we are going to lead, we must accept the responsibilities that come with strong leadership. We pride ourselves on delivering communication that is accurate, effective and versatile in both an online and offline platform. Our environmental policy is just one more piece of our foundation as we move forward in helping our clients while doing no harm to our natural resources. We want our employees to share that pride when telling others about their team.


We are committed to finding ways to reduce waste, to recycle what can be reused and to do no harm to this shared planet we all call “home”. Our policy includes provisions for purchasing recycled goods when available and we participate in our communities’ recycling programs in order to reduce waste. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.


No Spam

The OBUS Group is committed to never becoming invasive or overwhelming to our clients, our employees or the public. To accomplish this, we have adopted to a strict permission-based marketing practice, both online and in the real world. This means we tolerate no spam email or unsolicited mail. Further, we do not sell, rent or otherwise release our marketing data to anyone. Ever.